Edge HISTORY only recalls 7 days of browsing history

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I run Edge and Edge Beta

In Edge BETA I can search browsing history going back several months

On the same laptop, running Windows 10, Edge (standard) is only saving exactly 7 days of history.

When I open the History tab I can click 'Last week' and it will give results up to 7 days prior.

When I click 'older' it shows nothing except 'go see the sites! the pages you visit will show up here'





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Hmm, I just tested it on Edge Version 86.0.622.51 (Official build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 20H2
I could see my history from few months ago in edge://history/older

what you need to do is to send a feedback using feedback button on Edge and explain the issue you are having, it will gather additional diagnostic data to send along with your feedback that will help them identify any issues.
Thanks, I am using the same version as well as the Dev and Beta. But only the stock Edge is having this issue