Edge forgets open windows after auto-updating

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I love Edge.


But just found out that auto-update feature is a total DISASTER (at least on Mac, macOS 10.15).


If Edge performs auto-update when you quit it, it forgets all open tabs/windows when launched again.


It already happened twice - which, obviously, makes Edge useless. I need open tabs to be remembered.



I know there's a manual update option. Which, sadly, is a big problem of its own kind. A standalone app Microsoft AutoUpdate is constantly launched automatically to remind that Edge should be updated. Way too often - sometimes every day. 


It's just a browser. I don't need to be reminded about its updates in such an intrusive way. Chrome is somehow being auto-updated without me even knowing about it.


So, once again, I enjoyed using Edge. But it looks like its faulty update options will give no other choice but to abandon it.


Still, I wonder if I'm missing something and is there a way to auto-update Edge in a non-intrusive way without losing open tabs?





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@leobraun Thanks for reaching out, and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the new Microsoft Edge!


First, can you please confirm what setting you have selected for edge://settings/onStartup? To see all the tabs that you previously had open, you should have the option "Continue where you left off" clicked.


And if you already had that selected, then it might be a recent known -- and subsequently fixed -- issue where the tabs were being closed and not reopened. To confirm, what version and channel are you currently using? (You can check that here: edge://settings/help)


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@Deleted Thanks for the prompt reply!


Yes, I have "Continue where you left off" checked of course. I use Edge for a long time.


The problem only started when I switched to auto-update option. The problem ONLY happens in situations when I quit Edge AND auto-updating is triggered. 


The problem doesn't happen when using Microsoft Auto-update app (but this way of updating is not sustainable).


By now my solution is to disable auto-update AND just zip the Microsoft Auto-update app to disable its constant launching.


Here's my channel/version:

Version 88.0.673.0 (Official build) Dev (64-bit)