Edge for Linux will crash when not connected to WIFI or ethernet is unpluged.

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I use Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and PC. I install Edge for Linux (dev) on both of them. Sometimes I use edge to read pdf without internet.

After logging into my Microsoft account, I found that if I open edge when ethernet is unplugged or no wifi connected, edge for Linux will crash. 

After logging out my Microsoft account, I can open edge for Linux successfully when ethernet is unplugged or no wifi connected.


I've updated the edge for Linux (dev) and the crash keeps happening. 

After running in bash, I found some segmentation fault:

[14273:14273:1017/172327.826122:ERROR:smartscreen_dns_resolver.cc(103)] SmartScreenDnsResolver::OnComplete Error: -106 DidTimeOut: 0 URL: https://ntp.msn.com/edge/ntp?locale=en-US&title=New%20tab&dsp=1&sp=Bing&startpage=1&PC=U531&OCID=MNHP_U531
[1017/172327.843111:ERROR:elf_dynamic_array_reader.h(64)] tag not found
[1017/172327.844545:WARNING:minidump_to_upload_parameters.cc(36)] duplicate key guid, discarding value 870fe05931474ebd9689f96840e4c384
[1]    14273 segmentation fault (core dumped)  microsoft-edge-dev

Is this a bug and can it be fixed ?



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Hey there @ccy1996! Thanks for providing the bash on this super specific error situation, I've passed this along to the team for a closer look at what's going on.  They've requested a crash dump from your machine and the exact version of edge-dev you're using! Feel free to send me a private message with this information, and I'll follow up with the team!


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I uploaded the dev.zip file with the crash information. The zip file contains the .dmp and .meta files generated by edge-dev, and the .crash file generated by Ubuntu (in the directory /var/crash).

edge-dev version:  96.0.1043.1


I also test the edge-beta  and has the same problem, I upload the beta.zip file with the crash information.

edge-beta version:  95.0.1020.20




Thank you! I passed this to the team and will circle back if they need any additional information =)
Hey there! Just wanted to update that the fix for this is in build 96.0.1054.2! Thank you so much for the report, and for your patience as we resolved this.