Edge for iOS Menu Anomalies

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I am using Edge v. 46.3.7 with an iPhone XS Max running iOS 14.4.2.


I use Edge as my default browser on my iPhone (and ThinkPad X1 Carbon) because it offers a combination of features unavailable on any other browser, e.g. Read aloud, Find on page, and Collections.


Two questions: 

1. Frequently, when I  press the ... menu button, only the "upper" menu (Favorites, History, Collections, Shopping, Settings) appears and the "lower menu" (Read aloud, Find on page, Add to collection etc.) is missing. At other times, both menus appear as they should. Why does this happen? There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this behavior, i.e. it doesn't seem to be related to which website/webpage I am viewing.


2. A few months ago, the ... menu changed from the "list format"  to colored icons and rectangular buttons/tiles. (see attached photo). A few weeks later, the ...  menu reverted back to the "list format". Then yesterday, the ... menu changed back to colored icons and rectangular buttons/tiles. As far as I know, I did not make any setting changes. I much prefer colored icons and rectangular buttons/tiles. Why does this happen? 


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

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