Edge for Andriod Releases major updates!安卓端发布重大更新!

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Edge browser for Android has released Canary version, which has been put on the google play store: Edge Canary for Andriod 

Important features:
1. At present, the version number of Canary on the mobile side is synchronized with that of Canary on the PC side. The kernel is upgraded from chromium 77 to chromium 91. You can enter the following in the address bar:edge://version Enter to see it. (the mobile terminal has been stranded in version 77 for several years)
2. The UI interface is further optimized, the setting items are closer to the PC side, and the response is smoother.
3. The experimental function flags options has been fully opened, input this in the address bar to see it: edge://flags Check the options. According to the current situation, there will certainly be many flags that have the same function as chrome on the mobile end. You can find them later.

Note: canary is the most frequently updated version, because there may be many bugs, so please use it with caution. At present, the problem is that clicking the bookmark, history and other buttons will be stuck for a while before it will be displayed.

Edge浏览器安卓端新发布canary(金丝雀)版本,已上架至Google play商店:Edge Canary for Andriod





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Omg this is AMAZING news! Thanks a lot! @ChirmyRam 

If only it were transparent...



You can send feedback suggestions to the official.

No ublock no party :( i hope they put soon

I think the best solution is that it can install extensions