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Why R the BOOK LEARNED IDIOTS so Smart that we do not have AUTOMATIC PLACING in FAVORITES. Even if I go to OTHER FAVORITES what I add sticks on the bottom. When I drag it up to where it should be it anchors to another subject. Why can't we RIGHT CLICK and tell it what we want, like Alphabetical and or Numbers. I put 1-Cortivia-DuPont and it is stuck on the bottom, What a screwy system. I have been doing Computers since the 1970s and I am 84 and each year it gets worse to use and slower. When we booted with 7 Floppies and Black and White scroll it was lighting fast, and now we have to wait and then we have to try to unscramble the mess.     

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when you drag a favorite to somewhere else on the list, it goes back to the bottom?


also, you can sort favorites by name for now (more options coming soon)






@HotCakeX Hi HC, The problem IS> We are talking STUPID EDGE FAVORITES AND OUR FAVORITES FAVORITES. I explained how I finally master what I WE wanted.  Did I mention that I am an OLD >84< Disabled Veteran and Retired from DuPont. I was booted out after 20 Years because of collapsing spells. A Pace-Maker in 1998 fixed that problem. ANYHU, Today I was talking to a VIA = DuPont about my benefits and that EDGE would not let me log in and EDGE will not keep accurate PASSWORDS It keeps stuff that it should not keep and this really screws things up. Anyhu, The lady said EDGE IS VERY HARD TO USE and this is from someone that helps a ZILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. BTW if you want to work with a very good company go DuPont. They pay me $1,200.oo a year on my Medical Insurance and I was booted out April 30th - 1978. I had 5 days to go 4 - 20 years and they would not give me my 20 YR Diamond stick pin. Go to rosedogbookstore to buy my books ans you can search my name for my Patents rex bahr  Take care and do not cry when OLD people die, we will be glad to be away from this STUPID MODERN WORLD. Maybe we should have let the NIPS WIN, they are doing better than us as well as China is doing well with OUR Money. 

I don't know if you've used Chrome browser before? but it has exactly the same favorite management system.

and yes wars are stupid, when leaders have problem with each other they hide behind their desks and let ordinary people fight their wars. how they get ordinary people to fight for them? with propaganda, patriotism, trying to put difference between people in the world, saying people somewhere in a country are evil and we are angels so we should kill them. war is never going to end if people don't understand this.

anyhow, I really hope Edge's favorite management improve in the near future so everyone will be able to use it easily.

I can understand that this functionality is frustrating to you, however the tone around this feedback doesn't fit our standards of conduct on these forums. I encourage you to post up a new thread with an inviting tone detailing the current experience you have with favorites, how you feel they could be improved, and what version of the browser you are on (edge://version).


HotCakeX did detail that there are changes coming. If you haven't already, please submit feedback through the browser including diagnostics and detail the changes you want to see. The favorites team frequently reviews feedback from users to iterate and improve this feature. You can submit that feedback either by clicking the message icon in the top right of the browser, clicking the . . . menu in the top right > Help and feedback > Send feedback, or by holding Alt+Shift+I on your keyboard.


Appreciate the understanding in maintaining a friendly environment for all of our forums members. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me over private message so we can chat about them. I look forward to seeing your new thread so that we can help you out further!


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