Edge Favorites syncs to iPad but not iPhone

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Read through numerous discussions on how to sync MS Edge Favorites from my laptop to IOS products and not finding the solution.  Problem is that it syncs with my iPad just fine and the Favorites Bar shows up.  However on my iPhone I cannot find the Favorites Bar that others say should be there and my bookmarks are not synced.  Anyone with a solution to solve this?

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Resetting sync from your primary device may resolve this issue. To do this, log out of your MS Edge profile on all your other devices except the one you're performing the reset on > enter edge://settings/profiles/sync in the address bar > Select Reset syncCheck the Resume sync on this device after resetting sync box > Rest and test.


Really appreciate the suggestion. I’ll give it a try when I’m back in front of my computer this evening. 

Thank you for taking time to offer some help!



That did it!  The instructions of signing out made me realize I wasn't signed in with the same account on my iPhone.  I was signed in with my work account and not my personal where all my favorites are located.  Again, thank you.