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Is there a way to create or update extensions in the Edge Extension Store using API? We let our customers create and update the extensions we provide them using Chrome store api We want to provide the same level of automation in Edge as well, but I don't find any API or any plan to provide an API in future. Could you please point me to anything existing or anything upcoming?

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@ShyamVS Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community. We'll ask the Extensions team and let you know if they have any info they can share.


Fawkes (they/them)
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@DeletedThank you in advance for your help. It will help me a lot in planning our roadmap to build an integration based on if and when extension store api will be available. 

@ShyamVS Good news: the extensions team that while this isn't in the immediate plans, it is on their radar for future considerations. 


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@DeletedThank you for the update.

We have been using the Chrome Web Store(CWS) APIs for quite sometime now, if your team is interested we would be happy to help your team with the current drawbacks in CWS APIs  and the use cases that would help developers.


These APIs help the extension developers update the extension frequently with more functionality as it becomes part of CI/CD.

Any news on this? It's been a year since the last activity in this thread, but I still can't find any public API for this.

We would also like to vote for this request as this make our CI/CD manual (as we don't have automation process for this with testim.io)

Please share with us an ETA about this.