Edge Drag and Drop Stopped Working in Outlook

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Hi All, 

In the last couple of weeks, we've had several users report they can no longer drag and drop from Outlook into Edge, Chrome still works fine and users can drag other files into Edge just nothing from Outlook, as a work around users have to save locally and then upload. 


We are really struggling to get to the bottom of this issue, we thought it could be a bug in an update but it seems to exists in multiple versions, we've just updated to 112.0.1722.39 and had it in the previous 2. We've checked flags and the drop feature is enabled and it works for anything apart from Outlook. If you try to drag from Outlook you just get a circle with black line across. 


Has anyone experienced this? 


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Same issue since upgrading Outlook 365.



We've still not got a confirmed fix, however we use Trellix AV and I did come across this. We are looking at this now.