Edge doesn't update with VPN?

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Hi, today, my organization enabled Edge (the new one). Along with Chrome. So, without issues, I updated Chrome to version 87 and I tried to update the new Edge to version 87 too, but guess what? The second I went to edge://settings/help, it showed an error! I was connected to a VPN, so when I clicked "Learn more" I found out the issue. I was connected to the VPN and Edge doesn't update when connected. Can you please allow updating with VPN?

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in my configuration vpn work correctly are you sure you VPN don't block the address of update (or the country of the ip) by "security" labelled tracker or so ?
@Wittycat I'm not sure... I'll check and post the error code.
VPN is nothing special, there is no way of blocking VPNs per se, only thing that one can do is to detect and block IP of the popular VPN servers. of course not all of them can be blocked.

your problem must be stemming from somewhere else. I've updated Edge a lot of times using a VPN.
@HotCakeX Ok, I'll check and let you know...
in my case i had one time this problem with a VPN (the auto learning tracker blocker of the vpn blocked a Microsoft product), and after opening a ticket to the vpn support they have whitelisted it and poof solved xD