Edge doesn't remember the settings applied on individual tabs when restarted

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I'm a really heavy user of "On startup > Continue where you left off" feature, but I noticed that my muted tabs don't stay muted when I restart, In chrome, it stays muted, I use WhatsApp web a lot and I want it to stay muted even when I restart my tab, seems like edge doesn't remember the settings that are applied on individual tabs.

It would be great to have this in the future.

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Yes, I am here for exact same reason. I use a lot of OutlookWeb tabs at the same time. But I don't want audible notifications from all 5 tabs. So I mute all but one of them. But when I restart Edge, I have to re-mute the other 4 over again. It would be great to have a truly seemless "Continue where you left off".