Edge does not save passwords

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I installed Edge Enterprise Stable 83.0.478.37, with password backup settings enabled.
And I don't have the offer to save the password.
I had not encountered this problem with previous versions.


Have you ever encountered this problem?

Do you have a solution ?

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@Christophe DEVAUX Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider's community!


To confirm, if you navigate to edge://settings/passwords, is the option for "Offer to save passwords" toggled on? And are you signed in to your work account? If the answer to both is "yes," we are happy to do some further troubleshooting.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted I'm seeing this problem too. Some sites (not all) are not asking to save the password. I have reported the problem 2-3 times over the last couple of months and have not heard anything back.