Edge dev with xbox game bar

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untill few days ago I was able to use the " record the last 5mn " from the xbox game bar while runing Edge dev, but now i can't. 

I still can use the live record option, but i'm more interested to get back the other one.


I also tried on the normal version of edge, it's the same. Only still working with Chrome ... 


I repaired/reinstalled the xbox game bar,  made sure that i'm using the last version of everyting.


I'm on windows 10 - 19045.3570 - x64

Edge dev 120.0.2165.1 

Edge  118.0.2088.57 

and Chrome 118.0.5993.89


Thank you for any hint/help to fix this  :)


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Did you mark Edge as a game on Game Bar's settings? ("Remember this is a game" setting)

Hi Migue333 ,
Yes I tried that, but it doesn't stay checked.
I also tried few changes in " Graphics settings " of windows, in the games settings,  then back to previous because it didn't change.

Tahnks for your answer :)