Edge Dev Tabs Crash

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Since earlier this week, the tabs in my Edge Dev installation keeps crashing on startup. All I can see when I launch the application is:


It also show(ed) that my extensions (LastPass, uBlock Origin) crashed. I have since completely uninstalled Dev twice, removed everything I could find related to it under %AppData% and %LocalAppData%, rebooted, etc but the problem persists. I installed Edge Beta to see if it is a "global" problem but Edge Beta is working fine. How can I see what is going on? I can't seem to find anything on stdout/stderr, nor any documentation regarding command-line parameters that I can use to trace the issue. DbgView is also not showing anything. Help!!

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@cronhan   Same issue here! Ever since Wednesday,  on all my devices and on all versions, DEV and CANARY.

I have been messing around with my MS accounts this week, I have 3 Microsoft work accounts from 3 different companies, 1 EDU account, and a private Microsoft account. 

Maybe we have to search in this direction.




Really, is there NOBODY out there that is willing to at least POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? Like, how to trace or log or anything??

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Installed the current Edge Version to test-drive its features, experienced the exact same problem so right now Edge is totally useless.


Found this post here that found it's an incompatibility between Chromium and Symantec Endpoint Protection which is installed on my business OS. Added the parameters


to the link and now Edge is working as expected.

Thanks @SaschaM, that did the trick for me!

YES !!!!!!
Super thanks -- works like a dream

@cronhan Home PC still crashes daily and multiple times trying to open tabs. I keep punting in crash reports with no results not replies. having to revert to Google Chrome. Frustrating, because no fix nor solution.

@Robert Skeen I am having same on the last few builds, currently on 80.  Click on a tab (usually have at least a dozen pinned and another dozen or two open tabs) and edge dev shuts down.  On reopening only the bing search tab is open.  In earlier versions there would be no restore method but recently there is (thanks Microsoft).