Edge Dev not Syncing Collections

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I have Edge Dev on a desktop and two laptops (Version 83.0.467.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)). I am using collections but none of the collections sync between any of these three devices, not even between any two of the three. I thought collections were supposed to sync? Any suggestions? I would love to use collections more but this is a bit of deal breaker at the moment.

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Try pressing the "Trigger GetUpdates" button in edge://sync-internals/
and do it on all 3 machines one by one with few minutes delays

@HotCakeX thanks for that, so I've tried this for the last three days now, giving it minutes or ten of minutes or hours between new attempts without success. 


I've deleted some collections, I've renamed some and I've added some and I've moved items between collections and nothing, not a single thing syncs between any of the collections.


Any other suggestions from anyone... I would really like to get this working. 

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So I'm giving up on collections, I have continued to try and get this to work but still nothing syncs across any of the three devices. Back to Pinterest.

@scottmasterton My suggestion is to use the share option to Word and open the link in your other devices.It save the link to the web version of Word


For me the sync was working only one way.

Collections created on Android Edge browser were being synced to desktop, ie I was able to see them on my desktop edge browser, but not the other way round.

I had collections' sync enabled on both.

So whenever I have to create a new collection, I create it on android edge.

I can add tabs to this collection from either desktop or android, and it gets synced.

Desktop edge - Version 85.0.564.68 (Official build) (64-bit)

Android Edge -

Both are new Microsoft edge (as opposed to Microsoft edge legacy)

  1. @scottmasterton Go to settings in your mobile edge browser
  2. Click on your account
  3. Then click on "Sync to" option
  4. You will see that "Microsoft Edge Legacy" is selected.
  5. Now select the "The new Microsoft Edge", selecting that will open up a pop-up as shown below:
    click "switch" in the above pop-up
  6. Now come back to Account screen, and now go to "Sync" option:
    Now turn on the "Collections" option as shown below:
  7. Now come out of settings and go to "Collections" in your mobile edge browser. It will now give you an option to sync your collections and all the collections will appear on your mobile edge browser.
    NOTE: If you don't get the option to sync your collections after doing above steps, log out and login again in your mobile edge browser.

The problem happening on my devices is the same with you. Have you solved the problem now?