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I have been using the Edge Dev build for about a week now. This is the second time this has happened. Edge will not load anymore. When I look at Task Manager there are 16 instances of Edge running, one of which has 5 sub tasks. I know how to fix this, kill all the running processes for Edge. But want to report this issue. Not sure what is causing it or how to even diagnose the problem. I do have it setup as my default browser and that may have something to do with it. I didn't have it as default and this did not occur, I changed it back yesterday and it happened again. 



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@Steven1625  Edge Dev (currently Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)) does the same thing to me.  See attached screenshot.  It did the same thing in Version 74.whatever.  I have no idea why.  It looks like Edge Dev is not releasing on tab close or browser close.  I've reported the issue.  I restart my computer every 24 hours or so, and that seems to clear it. 


Edge Dev Task Manager.jpg


@Steven1625  And, Steven, more as an illustration as my macbre sense of black humor than anything useful, I keep an eye on Task Manager on and off during the course of the day to see just how bad it gets.  If I use the browser for a few hours, it isn't unusual for me to see Edge Dev running 30-40 instances, eating up 3-4gb or more of memory.  It isn't a problem on my desktop, which has 32gb, but for someone running a laptop on 4gb or 8gb, it must really throw a wrench in the machine.

@tomscharbach , agreed, it builds over time.  Just checked since I posted my original message and I am up to 9 task so far.  

I do not reboot my computer, I just kill all the running Edge Dev tasks and that clears it up.


Thanks for your feedback.

@Steven1625   Thanks for the tip on restarting the browser.  That does clean it out and it is simple to do.


I've reported the issue through the feedback smiley, so the Edge team can look at it and figure it out.    The trade press has reported many times that Chrome (and hence, Chromium) is a resource hog, and I expected Edge Chromium to be a significant memory hog in contrast to Edge Classic and Firefox.  But what we are seeing is remarkable.  It is the "builds over time" issue that alerted me that something is wrong, and that is why I reported it.  I'll pass along any information I get from the Edge team about the issue.

@tomscharbach @Steven1625 If you would file a feedback from the in-app experience, that would help us understand what is going on here.  In the meantime, I am forwarding this thread on to the folks that manage reliability.  Thank you both for testing our preview channels, and for taking the time to give us your feedback.

That is difficult to do since when it happens I can't start the browser anymore to select the feedback icon. Not sure what it would pick up after I kill all the tasks to get the browser running again. But will keep this in mind.
How do I do this since the browser won't start? Does the feedback collect any additional data? If so, it would be all gone cause I have to kill all the tasks to get the browser to restart.

@Elliot Kirk  "If you would file a feedback from the in-app experience, that would help us understand what is going on here."  I filed a feedback earlier today, with a screenshot of Task Manager showing resource use.  I hope that will be sufficient, but feedback has my e-mail if they want more detail information.