Edge (dev) fullscreen issue in Mac OS (Sonoma)

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Clicking/scrolling on webpages in the fullscreen mode has stopped working. It's almost like the webpages stop responding in fullscreen. The webpages, however, work in the normal window setting.


Standard window mode (see the link in an active state, clicking and scrolling enabled):




In full screen mode (link inactive, clicking/scrolling disabled):



Mac OS: Sonoma 14

Edge: Version 119.0.2132.0 (Official build) Dev(x86_64)

Web pages: Almost all I tried (YouTube, Outlook) and even the new tab/home page

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Same issue here, all webpage froze when under full screen mode.

Mac OS: Sonoma 14

Edge: Version 119.0.2144.0 (Official build) Canary (arm64)