Edge Dev Freezes - Youtube

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The browser freezes while watching youtube videos. No fixed pattern as far as I can notice. Works fine if YouTube playing video on different tab. 


Edge Dev Version - 91.0.852.0

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are you using any custom flags? edge://flags/
try turning off all of your extensions, restart browser and try again see if it still happens: edge://extensions/


if problem happens when going full screen, also try it with hardware acceleration off: edge://settings/system

@HotCakeX The problem occurred even with extensions off.

No custom flags running - Default settings

Although it was happening in normal window, tried turning off hardware acceleration. Freezing has stopped after that.

Could you shed some light why hardware acceleration may cause this?

I've experienced this too, on my PC using Intel built in GPU, I'm not sure if you're using an Intel GPU too, are you?
hardware acceleration basically uses your GPU to decode videos you see on the Internet like YouTube, with that turned off, Edge only uses CPU for that task.
can you also confirm which OS version are you using?

My Laptop has both intel and nvidia gpu, not sure which gpu the browser defaults to.
I am using Win 10 20H2.


Edit: Based on a quick test via the Task Manager Performance tab, Edge seems to be using Intel GPU UHD 630

Oh so I think Edge is set to use Intel one,
you can change default GPU and for each app in Windows settings => System => Display => Graphic Settings

Nvidia control panel also should have the option to set it for apps.