Edge (dev): color display issues


After searching, I see this was reported before, but I thought it was worth bringing up because the fix is no longer available in the lastest Edge (dev).


<!doctype html>
    div { background-color: #ff8000 }
  <title>Color test</title>
  <div style="width: 200px; height: 200px">Test	</div>


Now, view the resulting page in old Edge, Firefox take a screenshot, and put it in a paint program, use a eyedropper, and see what color the browser made the box.  The correct answer is #ff8000 (obviously).  The Edge (dev) shows the color as #e08808.  Obviously, this is wrong.


Previously, you could fix this by going to "edge://flags/#force-color-profile" and setting it to "sRGB".  This option no longer exists in Edge (dev).   As a result this went from "incorrect default behavior" to "incorrect default behavior that cannot be fixed with a setting".  Should someone file a bug report with this, or ...? 

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