Edge Dev 98.0.1089.1 Precision Touchpad pinch to zoom broken

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As the title: pinch to zoom has stopped working since the last update.

The gesture only adjusts text zoom on webpages.
It still works as intended in Edge stable so I'm ruling out any issues with drivers or OS.

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I am having the same issue on a surface book 2, Edge 98.0.1089.1, when I pinch to zoom on the touchpad, the "zoom percentage" is increased instead of the smooth zooming like when you pinch to zoom with the touch screen. Other gestures also seem broken, like two finger swipe left and right to navigate back and forwards in history. 

Yep same issue.
LoL I doubt they bother. They're too busy adding other crap features like facebook integration. You can forget that they're going to fix it. You'd think a company as big as this can do basic QA testing before releases. But why bother, when they have guinea pigs like us to who willingly enroll in dev and beta channel for free to give "feedback" that they don't even bother reading/fixing.

Hey there folks! Thanks for reporting this, we've got a handful of reports outside of this thread and I'm able to reproduce this as well. I'm flagging this thread along with the others over on Reddit to the team for a closer look. I'll circle back here if we need anyone to file feedback for additional details on what specific touchpads and setting combinations are seeing this, as it's not happening for everyone. For now though, thank you again for reporting!


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What do you mean ?
Last I checked the newer Dev builds it was working properly.
Is it broken again ?
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@StLa1 as it seems right now Dev Version 99.0.1135.5 is working.

I do not know right now the version number of when the issue was fixed as I forgot to reply at the time.
Furthermore, while I was searching the issue at the time I bumped into an issue opened in chromium (upstream). So the story goes like this:
* Issue arises in Chromium Dev which gets reported on Nov 24th but the issue never gets assigned, instead it points to a certain commit suspected to be the culprit based on what changed since it last worked.

* A change is made on Dic 3rd which reverts said commit caused by another issue (this time assigned with people looking into it) which was recognized as related to the zoom issue.

* Chromium Dev merges the revert on Dic 7th which fixed both issues, Edge Dev pulls from upstream, zoom issue is gone.


Edit: just realized that the "other issue" was opened by a microsoft account reporting the regression. Nice to see everybody working together ^^