Edge Dev 100 version crashes when clicking on the password input box page

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When configuring edge://flag, set "Show feature and workflow recommendations" to Disabled,


and clicking all password input boxes (except third-party web pages) will cause the page to crash.

For example: enter the Edge settings, edit the password, and click the password input box; when logging in to the LastPass extension, click the password input box; enter the router configuration page, click the password input box, etc.

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It doesn't occur on Version 100.0.1163.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) but occurs on Version 99.0.1150.11 (Official build) beta (64-bit)... No crash if there is saved password though.


(Thanks for letting know the cause/trigger. I'm ready this bug will be released as stable version.)


Forgot to mention, the issue happened on Edge Dev version 100.0.1156.1.
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The latest Edge Dev 100.0.1163.1 release has resolved the issue.