Edge - customize settings availability

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Hello Microsoft community,


We're currently investigating on using the Edge Chromium for our devices which reside in a closed/locked down windows environment. 


Now our devices are running IE with all the settings locked down, where users can't make any changes to the browser.

Since we're looking to use Edge instead as IE will probably be less likely to be used in the future in enterprise environments, we're also looking into locking down the new Edge browser.


However I'm experiencing a limited/no amount of GPO's for tweaking the access to the settings of Edge. Of course we don't want users to start fiddling with the settings of the browser.


The only way I found so far is by using the "Block access to a list of URLs" and blocking the "edge://" URLs. However the GPO notes that this isn't recommended.


As this is not recommended, what other ways are there currently to lock down the settings in this browser?


Kind regards


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