Edge crashes with right click on selected text

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Hello, anyone else who has the problem with Edge 87.0.664.57 (Stable/Beta)?

If we select a text on a page and do a right click on that Edge crashes.


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Which operation system (Windows, Mac, Linux) are you using?
I'm trying on Windows 10 version 20H2, Edge stable Version 87.0.664.57 (Official build) (64-bit)
it doesn't crash for me when I highlight a text on a page and right-click on it, I can do web search and other things with it.

if you haven't already, please submit a feedback from your Edge feedback button (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i) so Edge team can get the diagnostics and report data.


We are using Win10 1809 in an Enterprise environment with a lot of GPOs.

I found out (because of the context menu) that the "DefaultSearchProviderEnabled" is responsible for the crash. In our environment this is set to 0. As soon as I set it to 1 Edge context menu works fine again.

It was working in the last version 87.0.664.52 we had.

Feedback is disabled by GPO but if I enable it and want to start it Edge crashes too!


found out that Dev build 88.0.705.15 and Canary 89.0.726.0 have the same behaviour

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also support, individuals and insiders:



it's good you found out what was causing it.


I'm not 100% sure but maybe this is happening because of the recent undocumented changes in stable builds.





for everyone who has the same problem: it can be fixed with the GPO

Allow default search provider context menu search access

to be set to 0:

"If you set this policy to disabled the search context menu item that relies on your default search provider and sidebar search will not be available."

This is a hint to the undocumented change too.