Edge crashes on Sharepoint or Azure DevOps sites

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Do you know the reason why new Edge (both canary and dev) crashes when I visit sharepoint or azure devops sites. It is not always. Sometimes I need to switch tab, and it crashes when I switch it back to sharepoint. When it comes to azure devops it crashes almost everytime after login. 

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@Mr1008 I use Azure DevOps almost daily but never experienced these crashes, could you list some repro steps so I can try to have the same issue ? Any specific URL maybe ? Do you have any extensions btw ?

@AmineI Actually this started happening a few days ago (3-5 I don't remember correctly). I was using canary version all the time and had some extensions enabled but today because of this error I downloaded Dev version to check it out. I did not install any extensions there but the problem was still there. 


Steps to reproduce:

1. Pasted PR URL pointing to azure devops repo to address bar

2. Press enter > auth prompt appears

3. When I submit credentials it crashes. 


Note please that this does not occur every time. Sometimes it crashes immediately, sometimes it crashes after some time (maybe I hover a mouse on specific element?) and sometimes it crashes when I focus the faulty tab (then immediate crash).

With sharepoint it is a similar case. To be honest it happened also once on this page (edge preview forum). I could not reproduce this bug on any other page so far. 


It happens on my work PC where I have:

Windows 10 1809 (17763.475)

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz

GPU: CPU-integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 with driver

Could it be the auth page then @Mr1008 , instead of specifically Azure DevOps or SharePoint ? I think organizations can customize them too (mine put a custom background in it), maybe something in there doesn't like the browser (or the browser doesn't like it ;) ). Would make sense if it also happens on SharePoint for you apparently, and even once here as you said ?

@AmineI I don't think so because on sharepoint it happens when I am already authenticated (e.g. after a minute of using sharepoint). This is truly strange to me especially that there is no entry in system Event Log produced that is specific to edge or chromium. There are, however, produced entries in 'Windows logs/System' from 'DistributedCOM' source (attached screen because I cannot paste xml here).

Therefore maybe it is some COM fault (DirectX maybe?). I also had running chrome canary here and I have a feeling that it crashed as well now, so maybe it is some change in chromium? I am totally not sure about this.

@Mr1008 Hmmm ... suspicious indeed. You could check by logging in Azure DevOps with a Microsoft account (and not an organization one). 

I'm not overly familiar with the entry you attached, and I'm out of ideas as I can't even reproduce here, so I'll have to leave that case to someone else :) .