Edge content display area extends below the Windows taskbar

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Since the latest Windows 11 update which included some taskbar behavior changes, Edge has a problem with the bottom of web pages being obscured.  Specifically, the content area extends below the taskbar.  It may not actually be painted behind the taskbar but what is displayed is as if this was the case.


I discovered I can work around this by opening the taskbar settings in the Windows Settings app, turning the following setting on and then off.




Attached is a short video of just this point of one web page.  When working properly, the bottom of the page, which is a messaging UI, has a visible send button.




I have attached a video which shows the button partially obscured followed by me changing the setting, which can't be seen in the small rectangle I recorded, followed by it being visible afterwards.


This bug affects all channels of Edge from stable to canary.  The video was created with canary.  From this point onwards, Edge works until either I sign out or restart.  I have not experimented to determine what will reset it to broken.



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