Edge consuming a lot of CPU after patch 124.0.2478.51

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Good day,


I run a build server that is running a BVT test pack for our internal system. It runs test in parallel in order to get through all the test cases. The tech stack is DevOps self hosted agents, nunit + Selenium and C# .net Core


After Edge has updated to version 124.0.2478.51 (18 April) the CPU usage has changed from 5-7% to +20% until the server crashes.  If I rollback the the previous version everything works as expected.


Is anybody else experiencing this?


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We have also experience of high-CPU and temporary freezes on an internal web application, with Edge Business 124.0.2478.51. We don´t seen this on earlier versions of Edge or other browsers.

Our solution was to move the demanding graphics work to the GPU, that at-least solves the temporary freezes for our internal users. On the other hand, our rendering is now much faster than before, thanks to the GPU.