Edge Collections Feature - how do we enable it in the beta?

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Hello, I am trying to turn on the Edge Collections feature, which will be one of the reasons I switch to Edge.  Is it enabled in the current beta? 


Following the instructions, I navigated to "edge://flags/#edge-collections" to turn it on, but it doesn't seem to exist.


Version (Official build) beta (64-bit)>


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@rmanke for right now, Collections is only available in the Canary Channel.  We hope to bring it to Dev and Beta soon.  




That version is too old, almost 1 month old.
in the Edge Canary I have the collection and enabled it using "Experimental Collections feature" flag.

Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

If you don't have it in beta then you have to wait 6 weeks to get it i guess.


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It will almost definitely be in the next major Beta update. - Elliot
I'm waiting this feature in my Edge beta (79.0.309.15) but it still misses this flag.
When does it live on Beta?
The current beta, which is market as release candidate, is no longer getting new features, only bug fixes. if collections is not available in it (which is true) then you have to wait for the next major update to get it. currently on Dev and Canary (Edge version 80) have access to collections.
btw collections syncing feature is also added to some users as part of the controlled feature roll out.

I checked Sync and My Dev Edge supports sync Collections.


@HotCakeX or @Elliot Kirk, is there any update on Collections making its way through to Release? I wasn't originally particularly interested in it, but after using Collections in the Dev channel, I really want access to it. Is there more feedback needed in other channels before MS will be comfortable enabling collections in the Release version of Edge?


Also: please add ability to share collections with other users, ideally with ability to share as read-only or editable, but even without the ability to choose between those, just sharing by either one of them would be an awesome advance.

Collections was one of the first things I checked for after stable channel was upgraded to version 80 few days ago, still the flag wasn't available.
I'm not sure when they will make it available in stable channel but one thing is for sure, Collections need lots of improvements.

few months ago, when Collections topic was still hot, developers asked us for feedback and ways to improve collections but that was just it, we haven't still seen any improvements made to the Collections. there were literally +100 super useful feedbacks and ways to improve it but none of them have happened yet

@HotCakeX, yeah, that was my first big check too. I had assumed that because Release version was moving to 80 that it would gain Collections. I was disappointed it was still not there. 


Has it's status in the beta channel changed recently? I suppose that would be an indicator of when it's coming to Release. I currently only test and provide feedback in the Dev channel.

You can install Canary to use it, don't think it's unstable or anything, it has collections and other new features