Edge Chromium, Your Phone and synchronization between Windows 10/Edge and Android

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Hello there,


I have a rather specific question (with a long introduction, to clarify the situation). The main reason I use Edge is the Continue on PC functionality (composed of 2 parts, the main Send to a PC and the Continue Later that sends a notification). The first time Edge Chrome appeared online as a stable version, I've tested it immediately, assuming that it will replace Edge and its Your Phone functionality as well.


That was not the case, Your Phone being able to send notifications and open links from my phone in the new Edge. So I removed it, but even though the "normal" Edge was restored, the Continue Later/notification functionality was completely broken, and it remained broken over many app resets on both Windows and Android, cache clearing etc. The only thing that eventually fixed it was a clean install of Windows 10 1909 a few weeks ago.


I would like to use Edge Chromium as my main browser, but I am scared that it will yet again result in loss of functionality, and I would rather not perform OS repairs or yet another clean install until 20H1 launches.


So my question is, is this functionality supported? It's the main reason I care about Edge. I read a lot, and when I'm at work, I send the articles as notifications to consume later when I return home on my PC. If there's no support, will it happen? I am kind of worried that Edge will be replaced and the link between phone and PC will be lost. 



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that stable released lurking online is not the final product, always use the Canary version because it's the latest and most feature rich version.

also you said you clean installed 1909 a few days ago, but the update has only been generally available since Yesterday. and not for everyone, only for seekers, meaning people who manually click on "check for updates" in the Windows update settings.
when you installed it, it was still in the release preview ring, now it has more updates and finalized.

available via media creation tool.

@Brok3n Cogniti0n 



what you want is a proper sync between devices, which Edge insider currently has so many problems related to it.

the ideal situation is when full synchronization (Favorites, passwords, addresses, card info, settings, history, extension, collection and open tabs) are working flawlessly. I would give it at least a year before we have such a reliable sync.


they are all available currently in Canary channel (except for History and Extension sync that are due to come in January) but like I said they have their flaws, but once they are bug free, you can use open tabs sync to have access to your tabs from other devices (PC to Phone or Vice Versa), or use Timeline (Task view) from Windows 10 devices or install Microsoft Launcher on your Android to have a graphical access to your history.


currently, Your Phone app on PC and phone need to be installed in order to send links from PC to phone. here is how:


Step 1Step 1


Step 2Step 2


Step 3Step 3


Step 4Step 4


I tried to make my answer as complete as I could, ignore any of the information that you already knew. hope that helps :)


@HotCakeX The 1909 update was available for a quite a while now, sure not through the official channels, but the hashes are the same as the ISOs released yesterday. 1909 ISO was just a 1903 updated ISO with the very small enablement package. I got full updates to it without being an Insider for maybe a month now. Now it's v. 18363.476 with the yesterday hotfix.


Now, for the sync. I'll add a bit more info.


It's not that I don't know how to do it. I used to have the Microsoft Launcher installed in the past, it's no longer necessary. Now you can just install the Your Phone Companion app from the Google Store. It has the same "Continue on PC" functionality. It requires Edge as a browser though, that's the thing. It doesn't ever open the "default browser" on Windows. It wants Edge. When I tried replacing Edge with the Chromium version, Continue on PC stopped working completely. Which is OK, I knew the "stable" was still a beta. What was not OK was that when I followed the steps to get rid of it, the Send Notification/Continue Later part (you can see it on the picture at the end) stopped working, only Continue on PC remained working, which opens a full Edge window. This is why I'm kinda afraid to reinstall this, since it broke functionality for me even after removal.


So, I'm curious if anyone else tested this aspect for the Chrome browser and if Continue on PC will remain a function when it eventually replaces normal Edge somewhere in January.


All in all, thanks for the detailed post, I have no issues with it while running normal Edge, the whole thing is with the Chromium browser.



It was through official channels though and that was MSDN
also in the Windows insider release preview ring. a new cumulative update released for it yesterday and i think that was why they were waiting until Nov 12th.
No official reply/position on Your Phone/Edgium sync, Continue on my PC and Send Notification to PC?
Your Phone can send notification to PC, but continue to PC and better integration, install Microsoft Launcher, it has so much functionalities including the ones you're looking for.