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The new Edge Chromium is not supported by the kiosk mode of windows 10. 
All the parameters that allow you to use Edge Legacy have no effect on the Chromium version.
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it's because the new Edge is not UWP and Kiosk mode in Windows 10 only supports UWP apps, by default. the new Chromium based Edge on the other hand is a Win32 program.

But, there is something here (haven't tried it myself yet):

Set up a kiosk using the kiosk wizard in Windows Configuration Designer
App type: UWP or Windows desktop application (Win32)





Install Windows Configuration Designer



One more thing, adding this parameter


at the end of the Edge shortcut's target will launch it in Kiosk mode.




@info_13 good news!


Choosing Edge Chromium while setting up a kiosk on Windows 10 is finally possible with Windows 10 20H2 (Insiders) and Edge 87. Support for older Windows 10 versions (1909 and up) as well as feature parity with Edge legacy for kiosk-related features should come early 2021 (my guess is before March 9, when support for Edge legacy will be over).


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