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Hi Everyone,


I am running the stable version of Edge based on Chromium, but when i try to set up the sync with a Office 365 Business Essentials License. But it hangs on setting up sync. I have another account that has a Microsoft 365 E5 License, on that account it does work. After a search on the internet i found out that u have to gave at least Azure AD P1 license on your account if you want to sync Edge with a business account.


Is this a bug of a feature? Because you can also sync with a Live account for free, so i cannot imagine why they would block this for a free Azure AD account included in the Office 365 Business Essentials?

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the stable version is not released officially, it's due to come in January 15 2020.
all available versions are here:

with that said, I can use sync with Office 365 Business and business premium accounts.
Business essentials has the least options.
Though that's not a feature of Edge browser, that's an issue that needs to be fixed from Microsoft. I've seen other users complaining about it too
You are right, the official release of the stable version is in Januari, but you can download it already:


Good to hear that this is a bug that gets to be fixed. Thnx for the info
Yeah but you'll be on your own since there is no support for it. it has the least features, Canary however is the most feature rich version
you're welcome :)
Ah, also good to know, then i will switch to the Canary version :)
Nice :)