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I heard that Microsoft is planning to follow a N-2 support for Edge Chromium?   For example: ver. 85 will go out of support when ver. 88 (stable ver.) is out mid to late Jan 2021.  Is that correct? 


What does end support mean?  You can't call MS for help.  Security patches will not longer be available during a typical patch Tuesday event?, etc.  


I would appreciate if anyone can provide feedback and/or point me in the right direction?


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Hi @cotignolagmailcom 


Security updates and servicing updates are available on the most recent Stable channel release and latest Beta channel release only. Using older releases of Microsoft Edge likely means you are missing the latest quality and security updates and is not recommended. If use of the older releases is necessary for your organization then Assisted Support is available for the most recent three Stable channel releases and the latest Beta channel release. The effective assisted support duration for a Stable channel release is approximately 18 weeks. The effective support duration for a Beta channel release is ~6 weeks, prior Beta channel releases are not supported.

Microsoft strongly recommends staying current with the most recent Stable channel or Beta channel release.




hope that helps

Thank you @HotCakeX 

You're welcome!