Edge Chromium Preview as default browser


Edge C preview prompts me constantly that it is not my default browser.

But on SURFACE GO (Windows 10S) there is no option in Settings -> Default Apps to change the default browser. 

Am I missing something or is this just a matter of waiting for Edge C to replace Edge classic?

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best response confirmed by Elliot Kirk (Microsoft)

@Dan Holme   You aren't missing anything.  W10 in S mode locks you into Edge.


Unless you hear something different from one of the Microsoft employees that participate in this forum, I think you will just have to put up with it.


From Windows 10 in S mode FAQ :  "Can I set Google Chrome or Firefox as my default web browser when I'm using Windows 10 in S mode?  No. When you're using Windows 10 in S mode, Microsoft Edge is always the default web browser, and Bing is the default search engine. But you can access other browsers and search engines while in S mode. You can download any browser available in the Microsoft Store in Windows, and you can navigate to any other search engine website."


I suspect that W10 S treats Edge Chromium is a "foreign" browser, that is, not-Edge, and accordingly Edge Chromium is treated no differently than Firefox or Chrome. 


@tomscharbach the same behavior in Windows 7. Edge installed with offline pack can be set as default browser but online installer pack doesn't.

I saw your file/regedit suggestion....but its ridiculous that this is required @hooddy 

When will we be able to set up Edge as default browser for windows 7  ??

Thanks for confirming this @hooddy  took me 30 mins to find this post and thought i was goign crazy trying to work out how to make edge the default browser in Windows 7

@DeanCollins ya can get any standalone installer from there

as Google Chrome stand alone setup can be assigned as default browser. But it doesn't have autoupdate option so ya forced to update it manually. But if we talk about stable one build in future or betas its okay.