Edge Chromium on new profile - Default App Reset Spam

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I deployed 79.0.309.71 - Edge Enterprise to a new machine.  Everything works good on the current user.  When a new user profile is created I am getting spammed with tons of "Default App Reset" toast notifications from Edge.  Has anyone seen this? Any recommendations?   Attached is screenshot:



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looks like there is a problem with another app installed on your system.
I can't tell which because I don't know which apps are installed on your system.
but you can try resetting app defaults from Windows 10 settings => Apps => default apps and at the bottom there is the reset button.

also install the latest stable version which is version 80

@emiranda Thanks for reaching out. If you haven't yet, can you please submit feedback through the browser so our devs can take a closer look? And in the meantime, I will pass this on to our Enterprise team to see if they have any additional insights.


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i am also experiencing the same , any update on this , why it happens and how to stop this too happen