Edge Chromium - Full screen video freezes computer

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When watching videos in full screen, it is not allowing to close it, or return to normal screen. Especially when watching videos more than 20 mins. It also freezes my computer. Video continues in full screen but I can't even ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Only way to restore it is to restart computer. I have no issues with other browsers, even with normal Edge.


It has been going on for a long time, I even send feedback to Feedback Hub but nothing.



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Which Edge insider channel and version are you using?



It is Beta channel and my version is (Official build) beta (64-bit)

Are you using any custom Flags?
have you tried turning off hardware acceleration?



For custom flags I have following active

Microsoft Edge Translate

Load Media Router Component Extension


I didn't disable hardware acceleration because I have RTX 2080Ti and it should handle every load

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Try disabling "Load Media Router Component Extension" flag and then check if the problem still persists, if it does, then try disabling hardware acceleration. the point is to find out which part of the browser is causing that problem to happen, don't worry you can turn on HA any time.


Problem was there before I enabled any custom flags but I will try disabling ha.



Disabling HA seems to be working but it is a temporary workaround. Is there another fix while using full capabilities of my hardware?



Well that's good to have found the cause of the problem,

you can use the Smiley feedback button on top-right corner of Edge insider and send a feedback explaining your issue along with these details:

1. your OS build and version

2. your DxDiag file


you can upload that file along with any other custom files using this way


Annotation 2019-10-20 001708.png


Annotation 2019-10-20 001735.png


you'll be receiving step by step Emails once they start working on your issue.


meanwhile, please make sure you're using the latest and updated Windows 10, Nvidia drivers and try Edge insider Canary if you haven't already, (it has the quickest update cycle and bug fixes)

when trying Canary channel, at first keep the HA on and only turn it off If it causes problems.

I'm having issues with full screen video, too. Doesn't freeze the computer, but when I exit the full screen video, the browser chrome disappears, and is just all black (tab bar and address bar area). If I F11 in and out of full screen mode again, it fixes itself. I'm on version 80.0.355.1.

Have you tried turning off HA?