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Hi just wondering if anyone else is having Edge Canary refusing to load since the latest update, cheers Daz

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Yes, on both MacOS 12.0.1 and Win 11 (dev) 22489...I posted this as well         Edge Canary 97.0.1063.0 Crashes on Startup MacOS 12.0.1 (Monterey)       

Yes same here, on windows 10 ... :(

Hey there @Dazza64, I posted on the other thread but wanted to make sure you also saw that the team is aware of this crash and is working on getting the fix out! If you could let me know if you're still running into this with today's Canary update, I'd appreciate it.


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@Alexandra-R  Hi Alex sorry a bit late replying but it has taken me ages to get back in and yes it is still refusing to load, but i will say that if I do multiple clicks on Edge Canary it will open to the original start-up page hope this helps cheers Darren.