Edge canary will lose and clear the password after restarting.

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English is not my native language; please excuse typing errors.

Browser version: Microsoft Edge version 128.0.2638.0 (official version) canary (64-bit)

os: Windows Pro 22H2


Edge canary will lose and clear the password after restarting, but my official version of Edge is not like this, both browsers are synced with the same account.

The Edge canary is turned off and back on, but the password is not lost and emptied.

I checked my settings and it didn't turn on "Delete browsing data when off". However, you will not be able to log back in to a different website after restarting.

I re-downloaded the Edge canary and installed it, but the problem still appears.


浏览器版本:Microsoft Edge版本 128.0.2638.0 (正式版本) canary (64 位)

os:Windows 专业版 22H2

Edge canary在重启后密码都会丢失清空,而我的edge正式版却没有这样,这两个浏览器都是用着同一个账户同步。

Edge canary在关闭后重新打开,密码却不会丢失清空。


我重新下过Edge canary并安装,但问题仍然出现。

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@Kwok_Wingban Same problem, but my browser version is 127.0.2638.2 (official version) dev (64-bit).

I bet this problem caused by the new wallet saved all passwords, it never syncs correctly and can be seen in edge://sync-internals


一样的问题,但是我的版本是127.0.2638.2 (正式版本) dev (64 位)。多半是那个新出的电子钱包的问题,edge://sync-internals 这个里面一直是报错

@Kwok_Wingban Same here, hope edge team fix it in next version