Edge Canary now allows you to control whether extensions can modify the NTP or not.

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I don't use extensions to modify the NTP, but I decided to install one of them to test how this new option work:

Edge Ext NTP 1.45.gif

edge ext trim.png

This is part of the Controlled Feature Roll-outs so it's possible that some insiders also have this option in the Dev version.


Another small novelty in Canary has to do with the "Tab hover cards":

Edge TCH vs vs 125 22.png



There is another change in the Canary version, the setting to block media autoplay now only has two options:

Media autoplay.png


Although it could be a bug.

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They're all part of the controlled feature roll-out, not available for everyone.


Annotation 2019-10-15 193236.png


@HotCakeXRead the post again, I clarified that from the beginning.


@leopeva64-2_ wrote:

@HotCakeXRead the post again, I wrote that clearly.

I know, I wanted to post a screenshot so those who don't have it won't be confused.

these controlled feature roll-out features are confusing, some people have it, some people don't.

@leopeva64-2_, this appears to be working for you.  How do you like it?  Is it meeting your needs for customizing your new tab page?  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Yeah, it's nice nice to have these options that differentiate the new Edge from other browsers, as I said in the post, I don't use extensions to customize the NTP, I only installed that extension to test the new option and it works very well.

 I added another change to the post, it has to do with Media autoplay.



Yes the change appears in this post, hopefully it's a bug 


Media Autoplay "Block" option is Missing in the latest Edge insider Canary update Version 79.0.305.0



@HotCakeX That was posted after I added the change to the post and after I wrote the comment.


@leopeva64-2_ wrote:

@HotCakeX That was posted after I added the change to the post.


So what? it's Not a race that who does it first lol

I noticed it in my browser settings and posted about it, your post title wasn't about it and was about something else so I couldn't notice and keep checking it for a small edit. 

@HotCakeX What? you were the one who wrote a comment in this post where you implicitly say that the change had already been posted before by you.


@leopeva64-2_ wrote:


What? you were the one who wrote a comment in this post where you implicitly say that the change had already been published before.

You commented this first:



and I said that's good and Then I put a link to that post in here too, no problem

@Elliot Kirk 


Yes, I have these options as well, however I will not allow extensions to have that much control over my browser/system.. I think it to be an unsafe/unnecessary choice.....


Control extension.jpg