Edge Canary mini menu not available anymore on touch devices

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don't know if it's just me, but since the latest changes to the mini menu in Canary channel, when selecting text with finger or stylus the menu isn't shown anymore on touch devices. It just flickers for a fraction of a second and then disappears.

If I use the mouse I just see the "three dots" and then have to click on them to proceed. 

I've tried every possible option on the settings page under "context menu", but no changes in behaviour. 


Anyway, can you please have a look into this and change it back to usual.

Even with using the mouse it's very annoying to have to do an additional click to see the most common options like "copy, cut, paste". This blocks workflow and is just pointless. 


Thanks in advance

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Hey there @Neon01, thanks for the feedback on this! The team is actively looking for feedback on the mini menu as they work on it, so I've passed this post to them directly. I'll follow up if they have any questions for you, but otherwise we really appreciate you posting and letting us know how you're using the mini menu and what's easiest for you! 


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Hey again! I just wanted to update that the team has fixed this issue and you should see the full mini menu appearing when selecting text in Canary and Dev! If you don't mind taking a look and checking if this is resolved for you in one of those channels, I'll let the team know! =)

Hey @Alexandra-R thanks for getting back.

Yea I've noticed the fix, mini menu is now working for me on both channels again, great work, thx =)