edge canary (latest ver) only sync added stuff and doesn't sync deleted ones

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so when I import bookmarks,passwords from other browser to the edge canary they are synced and i can see them on another computer with the same edge canary account logged in, but when i delete/remove some bookmarks or passwords, they are not synced with the server. no matter how long i wait, they just don't get synced. i think this is an important problem worth mentioning. anyone else experiencing this or any ideas?

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I got a dual boot system, i tried emptying my bookmarks and deleted a few of my saved passwords which i didn't need anymore. waited few minutes for the Edge to sync up and then restarted into the other OS. logged in and after 1 minute all of my bookmarks disappeared (as expected) but the passwords I had deleted on the other OS were still there. I can confirm the sync has issues. Edge now might even bring back the deleted passwords again once i log back in my other OS. things are in alpha state now, let's hope they get fixed in the final version.
you have more luck than me, me the password is lock in sync page ^^
(yes i'm on last version).

@HotCakeX we have been incrementally enabling more data attributes to sync. Sync for passwords and form fill has only been recently enabled. Sync settings page will show the attributes which haven't been enabled in a disabled state. As of today, we have enabled sync for favorites, settings (preferences), password an form fill. We will be enabling sync for history, extensions and sessions (open tabs) soon. 


Thanks again for helping make Edge a better product. 

Thanks, hope to see the rest of the sync options enabled soon