Edge Canary issues

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Has anyone else seen weird issues with Version 90.0.793.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)?


I got a lot of messages in the Reliability Monitor about it not responding (while idle). And after I removed it and reinstalled it I got messages saying the installer had issues.


And what's really strange is it seems to work just fine... Go figure...



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@Alexandra-R Yup, the sync issue is only in the Canary build, and seeing it for the past 2-3 builds.

@Rohit Yadav Definitely report that separately as well, the Transport state you have in your earlier screenshot indicates that the sync engine is getting stuck downloading your data from the server. If you could submit the feedback from the edge://sync-internals About page and include a screenshot of your current page, that'll help the team look into it further!



I closed and reopened Canary at 2:51 and the above

showed up. I can reproduce this behavior constantly.

Once open it runs absolutely fine.

@Alexandra-R Thank you for the heads up. Looks like the Sync issue is different and I am reporting it through the Feedback Tool. 

Some added info to the above errors:
There was 1 telclient.dll, 1 msedge.dll, 4 msedge_elf.dll and 4 msedge.exe.

Hey folks, couple more questions for you! 


Are you seeing a 'Microsoft Edge has stopped working' popup in addition to the RM reports? Only one, or several? Also, can you check if you've got anything at edge://crashes that corresponds to the RM entries? 


The team let me know that these are likely renderer crashes/errors, which is why the browser continues to operate as intended even as you see these entries. 


If you have entries in edge://crashes, please submit one of them for review (no need to submit all 200+ that some of you are seeing!)


@cjahn50 @CrazyKats @Rohit Yadav 

No popups at all. I just closed and reopened Canary:



This is what I got in RM.

And this is the corresponding entry/entries in the event viewer:



And FWIW - I'm posting this from Canary... Works fine after the messages... :smile:

@Alexandra-R  I have absolutely nothing in crashes after 1/13/21.

And no pop ups that Edge has stopped working.
Edge is running normal except for the RM entries.
I summitted mine through feedback around the day 793 was released

@Alexandra-R Hi, 

I don't see any "Microsoft Edge has stopped working" popups. In fact, the browser is completely usable and it is only that when I encountered the RM entries. 

Also, I see no crash entry at edge://crashes. The last entry on the Crash pages is from 6th February when this issue wasn't present at all. Therefore, I do not have anything to report from edge://crashes.

Update, after applying the Canary build 795 update, I see no more crashes in RM. Looks like the issue is fixed. This is after my observation of about 6 hours. 


This was fun, with my RM filled with crash reports of Edge (734 to be precise xD):


Crashes on 9th Feb, starting with Edge Installer crashesCrashes on 9th Feb, starting with Edge Installer crashes

Crashes on 10th FebCrashes on 10th Feb

Crashes on 11th FebCrashes on 11th Feb

No more crashes after applying the update. Yayy!No more crashes after applying the update. Yayy!

@Rohit Yadav 

Oddly I did show errors last night immediately after getting .795:


But after an overnight shutdown I have none this AM.

Version 795 produces the same Stopped Working messages in the RM.

FWIW, I'm getting similar and consistent issues with Beta Version 89.0.774.23 (Official build) beta (64-bit). Running Windows 10 Home, Ver 20H2, Build 19042.804. Edge Beta will hang and become unresponsive multiple times a day. Critical events in Reliability History labelled as "Stopped responding and was closed." This is a new problem that was introduced in the latest update for me.

For me, just after applying the update, RM does not show any crashes, thankfully. Also, my sync is back up now, syncing items between devices quickly. Yayyy!


For others in this thread who reported crashes, make sure you submit Feedback to the team with Diagnostic Data, which will help in faster resolution of the bug. 

 I can confirm that Version 90.0.796.0 did not report any issues in the RM. So far, so good.