Edge Canary issues

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Has anyone else seen weird issues with Version 90.0.793.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)?


I got a lot of messages in the Reliability Monitor about it not responding (while idle). And after I removed it and reinstalled it I got messages saying the installer had issues.


And what's really strange is it seems to work just fine... Go figure...



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Which OS and and build?
I see the same thing on my insider dev build's reliability monitor




I'm not going to jump into any conclusions because Edge canary actually does crash often for me, so I think that data is correct, at least in my case.


I know you see multiple entries for the same time, but that might mean reliability monitor is registering crash report for each Edge process or module separately.

Seeing the same thing on my PC.

Also works just fine, but if you close and reopen

Canary it creates another set of errors.

Which OS/Build?

Windows 10 20H2 Build 19042.804

That's exactly what I saw. And it was after the reboot from updating to build 19042.804. I uninstalled Canary and since I reinstalled I haven't see any messages. 


And not to overly complicate this, after updating Edge Dev to Version 90.0.789.1, it wouldn't restart. All I got was the spinning circle of doom. So I tried to kill the process and no luck.


So taking the steps that a really old IT guy would take, I rebooted. Edge Dev launched and so far no issues.


I can only assume that this latest update has something in it that might cause Edge (at least Dev and Canary) to not play nice.


@HotCakeX I'm on 21301, but it just started yesterday after getting the Canary .793 update.

Canary .794 is out and still showing issues in Reliability Monitor.

Yep. Just updated to 794 and got a handful of Installer and Edge stopped working messages. But, like yesterday, it appears to be working just fine.

So just to add another layer of weird, I just saw a notification on Canary to restart. And I did. And I got another handful of messages. It would appear that the installer (which is among the stopped working messages) just keeps trying until its satisfied :smile:.

Hey folks! 


Make sure you're reporting this issue in app as well so the team has more to go on when they look into it. Sounds like this is limited to Canary (other than the odd interaction between Canary and Dev that @cjahn50 mentioned), but if that's not accurate let me know! 



the thing is, I'm not sure if it's showing it by mistake, because I do get intermittent crashes on Canary and when I compare the times in reliability monitor, they match.

so I'll let others send the feedback.

@cjahn50 I just checked my Reliability History, and I have over 280 entries, all related to crashes of Microsoft Edge!

Reliability History lists crashes for msedge.exe process, Microsoft Edge, pwahelper.exe process and the Edge Updater.




This is highly unusual and is certainly an issue. Everyone seeing this thread, please report using the Feedback Tool.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the sync is always 'Setting up'. 






Seems like it has got something to do with Sync?

I am not seeing the sync issue. But that's not to say it isn't a problem.

This might be a long shot but can you folks who're seeing unusual crash reporting check your CPU when you have Canary open, and also confirm if any specific actions are causing the crashes in RM? 

I do not see a CPU usage increase to any degree with Canary open. And at least for me, the messages show up in RM right after an update. So far nothing in RM during normal usage.

@Alexandra-R Hi, I see no spike in CPU activity during my course of usage. No specific actions as such causing any crash. For me, it is showing a crashing even when I have no tabs open other than the NTP. The crash, I believe is happening on any helper background process because the browser is completely usable. One more observation to share, on my Canary installation, Sync is setting things up and is not in a Running state, if that helps diagnose any related issues. 

@Rohit Yadav thanks for confirming! The sync issue is probably unrelated but still interesting. Are you only running into it on Canary or across all your channels?

@cjahn50 Interesting you're seeing it right after an update only! Sounds like it's not the long shot one I thought could be connected, but needs a little more investigation from the team. Thanks for submitting feedback!