Edge canary is facing issues with google services

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Hello, from 2-3 days I am facing issue with google services and google account. When I try to access keep it is not loading all the notes. Also the drive is not loading the pictures. On top of that when I try to log into some websites with google account, it is not letting me. Is anyone else facing the issue? Chrome is working fine with these.

I am using the Microsoft Edge Canary build.

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Open Microsoft Edge and click on ...->Help and feedback->Send feedback and report this issue.

Already reported this


@Nabila723 Thanks for letting us know. The good news is that the team is aware that there were a number of compatibility and performance issues with the previous Canary build, and are working on getting a fix out ASAP. However, please feel free to submit in-browser diagnostics if you haven't yet, just to ensure that it's related to the same issue. ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)


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