Edge Canary fails on dynamic import

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The current of Edge Canary (89.0.721.0) is failing on dynamic import. When I step through in DevTools, my first dynamic import, `module = await import('../components/server-catalog.js');`, the app dies with the message "DevTools was disconnected from the page" (in DevTools) and "This page is having a problem" with a reload button (in the browser).


It fails as the same point, in the same why, when rolled-up and deployed. 

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Try updating to the latest version, 89.0.723.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

if the problem persists please send a feedback through Edge browser (shortcut: alt + shift + i)


@HotCakeX Yes, all is well with Edge Canary 89.0.723.0. Thank you. I realize this is something one must live with when testing with Canary, but it's the best way to cut off problems before customers find them.


Whew! Every time a Canary release fails, my fear is some new CORS or security enforcement. :grinning_face_with_sweat:

You're welcome, canary is on the edge of development, gotta keep it up to date :)