Edge Canary default or at least...?

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The settings page says 'The Canary channel cannot be made your default browser' but can we at least make it so that pages sent through Your Phone will open up in Edge Canary (and not Edge stable) and visa versa?

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Yes canary setting say that but go to Windows settings => Apps => Default Apps => Web browser
and then select Edge canary. it is possible this way to set it as default.

@HotCakeX I made edge canary the default windows browser but when I try to share a web page from my phone via 'your phone' app it still opens up in the stable edge and not canary edge. Do you know how to fix that? Is there a way to link the your phone app to edge Canary?

I think it's intentional by design. you can share your feedback with the developers using the feedback button on Edge.
shortcut: Alt + shift + i