Edge Canary crashing

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Hey all,


I just updated Edge Canary and it crashes on opening. Anyone else having this issue? I can't even get to the version. And FWIW - I unistalled and reinstalled and the download version (which I assume is the same as the one I updated to) still crashes.

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@cjahn50Same here. Just started today since update to 113.0.1732.0

same here, the version before was fine.

Yup, same version - Version 113.0.1732.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit. The fix (I hope) for me was to uninstall Edge Canary, delete the Edge SxS folder and reinstall. Essentially a 'new' install.


So far no crashes. But I have to assume something in this new build is having an emotional moment with older builds data.

@cjahn50 I will test this, and see if it works for me as well.  Thanks for the post!

I'm on 113.0.1732.0 and can confirm it crashed when I want to open Bing AI.

@cjahn50 ... where is this folder located? ..path?


C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft

There should be a folder called Edge SxS.

I renamed my original just in case. It's the same as deleting it and you can pull whatever you might need from it once you've reinstalled.

@cjahn50 thanks, just uninstalled w/ Revo and installed new, ... now looks all o.k

To all reading this... I just updated to Version 113.0.1737.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit). There hasn't been any crashing issues since I reinstalled. Since I don't have the time to completely debug the problem with the previous version, I'll have to assume (and I know about assuming) that the problem with the crashing was related to something in the Edge SxS folder. Or something I configured that the 'new' version didn't like or can't handle properly. Lastly, all the extensions I was using work as expected in the lastest update.