Edge Canary crash on www.boardpc.pl site.

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Microsoft Edge Canary crash on www.boardpc.pl site. Stable Edge Chromium works correct.


Please fix this bug.

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How does it crash exactly?
I'm on Canary and visiting that site doesn't crash my browser.

also the best way to report this is through the feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i and in the website address enter that address)



You must login and wait 2 minutes and then Canary crash.




and another site crash: fboom.me

Okay, unfortunately I don't have an account in neither of those websites to test it.
the only way Edge developers can get the details and solve it is if you send feedback from inside Edge browser.

it also has problem recording feature that will help.


you can view the previous crash reports in here: edge://crashes/