Edge Canary Closing itself - Version 120.0.2160.0

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Every time I open the Edge Canary after few minutes or seconds the browser closes automatically. How can i fix that?

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@canikrause Exactly the same thing has been happening to me and I think it started with 120.x versions but I might have had my first crash/closing situation popup with version 119.x.  It even just crashed on me while looking for new updates.



Version 120.0.2160.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Mine is completely unstable crashing moments after loading.

I have found a topic from 2019 with the actual solution (It´s amazing this keeps being an issue in 2024)


The issue that causes the crash has to do with Sync, so you need to log off your account in the browser to turn sync off. The problem is Edge crashes so quickly (usually 2-3 seconds) that you can´t do anything fast enough.

-So first pin Edge Canary to the taskbar.

-From there you can right click on it and launch a window In-Private. (For some reason In Private delays the crash for a bit longer)

-Copy the address "edge://settings/profiles" (without the quotation marks) and quickly paste it into the address bar of the browser.

-Click enter to access the profile option of the browser settings. There you will see the account you are logged into the browser. You need to be quick enough to sign out. You need to click the sign out button (highlighted in red in my screenshot) and then sign out again when a second menu pops up.

Captura de pantalla 2024-04-10 115822.png


Hope this helps anyone reading in the future. It fixed the issue of the crash on start up for me

Currently running Edge Version 125.0.2515.0