Edge Canary 98.0.1100.0 crashing

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Edge will close all windows and crash after about 5 minutes, restarting the computer did not help this. This started happening after the recent update. 

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Hello. I can confirm this too. I have this happening a few seconds after opening the browser.
Have this build on my PC (Ryzen 9) and Macbook (M1); no crashing even after an hour.
Hi, I've had this happen to me as well. I've found a way to fix this, but it takes several attempts. At least it did for me. Open your systems control panel to apps and select Canary and then select change at the top of the list of apps, then select repair. I had to do this about 10 or so times before Canary finally stopped crashing. Give this a try and let me know if it worked for you as well... Hope this helps.

Hello. unfortunately it didn't work for me.

Hey there @JHamilton365 (and other folks hitting this in the thread!)


Are you still seeing crashes after the update today? We had the version held at 1100 for a few days due to a blocking bug, but released 1105 today. 


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Hello. problem solved. thanks a lot.
My problem is not solved. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall edge canary...