Edge Canary 95.0.1003.0 spawning multiple new Windows

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With today's update to Edge Canary 95.0.1003.0 it is spawning multiple new Windows at start up and constantly thereafter after some time delay.


Effectively unusable.


This is even a worse problem than I thought. Now if I close Edge Canary and open Stable, Canary is automatically opening and spawning new windows.

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So this is me (PeteGomersall) in Stable unfortunately in a different Profile. It was so bad I had to uninstall Edge Canary.



How strange, it seems that the problem starts to happen when I open another Edge browser (like Dev or Stable) while the Canary version is also open... I'm not sure that's the problem, but it seems so

I just updated and I'm seeing this issue as well. It's very frustrating and makes the browser extremely difficult to use.
me too, edge canary can continuously create new browser window automatically, open edge Stable also create edge canary's new browser window.
Same here. I initially thought it was related to the latest Windows 11 update because it starting happening immediately after I installed that, but then that update locked up my machine and I had to rollback (to 22000 from 22449) and started seeing the same behavior -- so then I checked the forums and found others experiencing the same weird Canary behavior!
same here Windows 10, 21H1
Same here on 21H1. Do not see on an Arm Surface Pro X also running 21H1. Typically it opens batches of three new windows. triggered by some use of browser. if I leave PC alone, new windows not opened, at least not that I've noticed.
The bug remains in today's Version 95.0.1004.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) release.

the same with me here

I have edge stable pwa windows open and all of a sudden edge canary starts to open several windows

Version 95.0.1004.0 The bug still exists.

Hey all! 


The team is working on getting this sorted. The most recent version of Canary does still have this happening, but the team has all the info they need at the moment. If there are any updates or we need more info, I'll bump here! Thanks for your patience, we know this one is rough to work around. 


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Same here too couple of days I approaching this problem too (Honestly This is so much annoying) Anyway if someone going to fix this please fix it in windows 11 insider Dev channel too :(
I am experiencing the exact same issue. It seems to randomly launch 3 - 7 new windows at a time.
Same to me. Even after update to
Version 95.0.1004.0 (Offizielles Build) canary (64-Bit)

NB: Edge starts self on system startup, so smth external runs it periodically?
I'm on Version 95.0.1004.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) and a new window just randomly appears. Sometimes 2. Really bizarre behavior.
I've had this happen now and again in the past with Chrome Canary. It's a bug that'll most likely be resolved by Edge Canary in the next update or update after that. Remember with Canary builds there's going to be bugs at times not found in Dev, Beta, or Stable versions.

Yes you are right there may be many bugs
Many of us use canary just to test new features and also report these bugs before they get to another channel.
Everyone here is just trying to help the edge team by reporting this bug

Getting the same problem in Version 95.0.1004.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit). Spawning 4 to 7 instances of Edge Canary.. Mostly seems to happen while away from PC for 30 or so minutes...

Have sent in FB...