Edge Canary 90.0.800.0 keeps crashing

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Having an issue that 90.800.0 keeps crashing just seconds after start. It looks like it's related to this issue:

[Fixed] Edge Canary Automatically Closing - Version 80.0.316.0 - Microsoft Tech Community


I've now managed to be quick enough to logout of my work account and it has not crashed for a couple of minutes of use, happened within seconds before.


Hope it's fixed in next build and that this might help someone else experiencing crashes.

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@relnahseeing the same issue on both Prod, Beta and Canary today.. several users reporting issue. this might be bad. R-


Ah, ok. So maybe som infrastructure issue with synk servers since different builds get hit. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. And maybe Edge should handle this kind of error and not crash :)